Minutes of the Meeting of Wadsworth Parish Council
held on Tuesday 25th September 2018
in the Council Chamber,Hebden Bridge Town Hall.

    Councillors Wade,Lynch,Ring,Fowler & Kimber.

        Councillors Bell,Hughes,Spencer & Beasley (Chairman).
        In the absence of the Chairman (Councillor Beasley) & Vice Chairman (Councillor Bell) it was proposed by Councillor Fowler that Councillor Kimber take the chair,seconded by Councillor Ring, all in favour & Resolved.

       None declared.
       It was agreed to put item 71(c) Land at Boston Hill first on the agenda for discussion.   
       Mr Andrew Bibby from Community Land Trust attended the meeting to discuss the land at Boston Hill. There were 24 members of the public present who all had an interest in this item. Mr Bibby explained that the Community Land Trust develop affordable housing within Calderdale for both young & elderly people. Calderdale may possibly donate the land at Boston Hill to CLT or if it is purchased by them it will be at a “knock down “price. Parishioners were not opposed to the work of CLT but were opposed to the possibility of that development at the same time as the development at Old Town Mill. There were also concerns about the land being part of the green belt, parking issues, traffic & noise. Mr Bibby said that if CLT did acquire the land then it would be years before building started as they would require funding & planning permission. He stated that he wouldn’t do anything further until he had heard from parishioners and/or the Parish Council. It was suggested by one of the parishioners that it may be worth holding a meeting at the Community Centre/and or become part of the Old Town Mill Residents Group. It was proposed by Councillor Fowler that the item be kept on the agenda for the October meeting, seconed by Councillor Ring, all in favour & Resolved.
         It was proposed by Councillor Fowler that the above minutes be approved as a true record; seconded by Councillor Ring,all in favour and Resolved.
        Councillor Kimber stated that the part of item 55 which refers to the land at Boston Hill should read that Councillor Kimber had received an INFORMAL approach from the Community Land Trust & not a FORMAL approach as stated in the PROPOSED August minutes.

        Local Plan
        Councillor Kimber reported that he had spoken to Mr Phil Radcliffe regarding the disappearance of the village envelope in the latest version of the Local Plan. Mr Radcliffe confirmed that due to a legal planning change all sites in the village that were currently not built on were green belt sites.        
        Neighbourhood Plan
        Councillor Kimber reported that all the changes that were suggested by the Parish Council have now been incorporated into the Neighbourhood Plan.
        1) Data Protection Policy/Records Management Policy
        Matter is on going.
        2) Parish Council’s General Privacy Notice
        Matter is on going.
        3) Consols
        The £384.68 for the British Government stocks have now been paid into the Parish Council account.
        4) Rent Payment
        The Clerk hasn’t had any response from the tenant.
        1) Items for payment
        a) Clerk’s salary                                                           £488.55  
        b) Clerk-computer costs                                                     £20.00
        c) Kate Drury-website fee                                                   £72.00                                               
        d) Printer ink                                                              £57.10

        £12.07 for stamps & £45.00 annual subscription to Open Spaces Society was added by the Clerk at the meeting.

        It was proposed by Councillor Fowler that all the above items be approved for payment, seconded by Councillor Lynch, all in favour and Resolved.     
         2)  Grants 
         None received.
         3)  Other items
         None received.

         1) Old People’s Welfare Committee AGM (11th September). Councillor Lynch attended the meeting.

         2) Hollin Top Cottage. The Clerk has been contacted by the neighbour regarding objections to the planning application at Hollin Top Cottage.  It was agreed that the Parish Council were unable to bring any further pressure to bear as they had already stated their position & reasserted it and that it had been registered but not taken into consideration.
          3) The External Auditors have confirmed that as the Parish Council’s income & expenditure is below £25,000 we no longer need to submit an audit form to them, provided that we complete a Certificate of Exemption & send it to them as well as posting it on the website. This will save the Parish Council about £200 per year. The auditors had confirmed that whoever chaired the meeting in Councillor Beasley’s absence could sign the certificate along with the Clerk.  Councillor Kimber was happy to do this.

          4) Town & Parish Council AGM (Saturday 6th October at Heptonstall Bowling Club). Councillor Hughes,WPC representative, is unable to attend the meeting.A five minute update is required from each Council at the meeting. The Clerk has asked Councillor Beasley if he is able to attend. Councillor Kimber did say that if Councillor Beasley was unable to attend then he would go.

          5) Details for this year’s Remembrance Sunday Services  from the Hebden Bridge & District Royal British Legion.The Clerk has ordered one cross & three wreaths (one for the Community Centre). Basic price £20.00 each. Councillor Ring confirmed that that she had organized for the service to be taken.

75         PLANNING
        1) New Applications:
           a) 18/00819/OUT-Detached dwelling (Outline) – Hillandale Midgehole Road Hebden Bridge HX7 7AA. Councillors agreed that they were mindful that previous applications had been rejected but were unable to comment due to lack of information.

           b) 18/01106/HSE-Proposed porch to side elevation-54 Keighley Road, Hebden Bridge HX7 8QX.It was agreed to support this application.

           c) 18/00933/FUL-Demolition of barn to facilitate residential log cabin - Hazelbrook Cottage Lane Ends Lane Wadsworth Hebden Bridge, HX7 8TN. Councillors agreed to support the demolition but couldn’t comment on residential log cabin as they hadn’t received full information.

The Clerk has received an email from Calderdale stating that they have had significant technical difficulties with the website which has meant that the website has either been unstable or unavailable for a considerable period.                           
          Old Town Mill Development
          The Clerk has received an email from Councillor Dave Young who, having received a copy of the August minutes, stated that he hadn’t received the email from Councillor Beasley regarding the development at Old Town Mill.There was a typo error in the email address so the email was never received by the three ward Councillors. The Clerk has re-sent Councillor Beasley’s original email & apologised on behalf of the Council.
          Councillor Dave Young has written to Planning Dept stating that although he is broadly in favour of the application he would like this to be decided by The Planning Committee & not by Calderdale Planning Officers following a site visit. The reasons for this is because of the scale of the proposed development,the lack of affordable housing provision & the impact of extra traffic on Old Town Mill Lane.

No further information has been received on 18/00576/OUT, the dyeworks Midgehole Road or 17/01091/CON The Brick Shack Midgehole Road.
          2)  Decisions made by Calderdale:

          a) 17/00253/FUL-Construction of extension to house plan-Near Shawcroft Farm,Akroyd Lane,Pecket Well,HX7 8TE.PENDING.         

         b) 17/00682/FUL & 17/00683/LBC-Renovation and conversion of farm buildings to create six dwellings - Old Town Farm,Old Town Mill Lane, Old Town, HX7 8SW. PENDING.

          c) 17/01091/CON-Conversion of former mistal to dwelling including garden and car parking area-The Brick Shack Midgehole Road Hebden Bridge, HX7 7AN.PENDING.

          d) 18/00045/FUL & 18/00046/LBC Conversion of mill to create 21 dwellings with small business units and café.Demolition of sheds. Construction of 4 new dwellings.Provision of car parking,gardens & land scaped areas.Old Town Mill Old Town Mill Lane Hebden Bridge. PENDING.

          e) 18/00026/HSE-Single storey extension to front & rear elevations-Hollin Top, Cottage Clough Lane Midgley HX2 6XB.PENDING.

       f)  18/00839/HSE & 18/00840/LBC-Detached garage with solar panels to south facing roof (LBC) –Little Nook Farm Dike Lane Hebden Bridge, HX7 8TS.PERMITTED.
       g)  18/00576/OUT-Demolition of existing buildings to facilitate residential development of 14 dwellings (Outline) –Crimsworth Dyeworks Midgehole Road Hebden Bridge HX7 7AN.PENDING.

          3)  Other Items:
          None received.

          a)   Allswell Farm
          Nothing to report.Item to remain on the agenda.
          b)  Automoblia                      
          Nothing to report.Item to remain on the agenda.

          1) Wall at Pecket Well & drainage problems                 
          Councillor Beasley is still waiting for the quote to repair the wall to make it safe.
          Councillor Beasley reported to the Clerk before the meeting that when the Council received a quote over 12 months ago for the drainage work it was around £1800/1900.  Councillor Beasley asked for a re-quote.  This has now been received and is £2,791.20. It was agreed that this was too large an amount for the Councillors present at the meeting to pass. The item will be put on the agenda for the October meeting.

          Councillor Fowler commented that it would soon be the centenary of the monument at Smeakin’ Hill & that he would report back with the date at the next meeting.Action:Councillor Fowler. He also reported that there is water again on the track near Old Town green. The item will be put on the October agenda.  Councillor Fowler also raised the matter of the motor homes on Old Town Mill Lane.  Councillors are aware that if the vehicles are taxed & insured then nothing can be done to have them removed but the situation will be monitored.              
          1) Recovery of removal of garage costs
          There has been various discussions as to whether or not to use the services of a solicitor to seek recovery of the debt via the small claims court. This will be discussed at the October meeting.
          2) Fly Tipping
          Nothing to report as Councillor Beasley was absent from the meeting.
          1) Items for monthly checks
          Councillor Spencer was absent from the meeting. It was presumed that he will carry out the next month’s inspections.Action:Councillor Spencer.
          Councillors Kimber & Fowler attended the Governors meeting at Old TownSchool.
          The Clerk confirmed that the next Parish Council meeting is on Tuesday 23rd October 2018 at 7.30pm in the Council Chamber, Hebden Bridge Town Hall. The Clerk thanked Councillor Kimber for chairing the meeting.
          No Advance apologies were received .
          The meeting closed at 9.35pm.