Tuesday 29th January 2019 at 7.30pm in the Council Chamber, Hebden Bridge
    Town Hall.

130    Members Present and Apologies for Absence.                      
131    Members Interests-to remind members of the need to declare any interests
            they might have in relation to items on this agenda.
132    Resolution to re-order the Agenda.
133      Public Discussion Time.
134      Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 18th
            December 2018.             
135      Matters arising from the above Minutes. 
136      Local Plans
a) Calderdale Council Local Plan
                Report from Cllr Kimber
                  b) Neighbourhood Plan           
                       Report from Cllr Kimber.
137        Clerk’s Report:  
                        a) Handover update

138        Financial Matters:
                        1) Items for payment:
                                     a)  Current Clerk’s salary                                       £488.55
                                    b)  Clerk-computer allowance                                £20.00
                                    c)  New Clerk’s salary                                       £488.55
                                    d)  New Clerk’s computer allowance                     £20.00
                                    e)  CPRE membership fee                  £36.00
            f)  Calderdale Council grounds maintenance Q3    £1062.06
            g) Clerk – stamps and flowers            £3.16
                2) Grants:
                                    a)  None received  
                               3) Other Items:
                                    a) Approval of the 2019/2020 Proposed Budget.
122             Correspondence:                                                                   
a)  None received.  
123        Planning:
                1) New Applications:  
a) 18/01528/191- Siting of a residential chalet (Lawful Development Certificate) - Keelam Farm Dike Lane Wadsworth Hebden Bridge Calderdale HX7 8TG.

              2) Amendments to Applications:
a) 17/01560/HSE - Non Material Amendment to application. Amend the size of the glazed openings to the north and south elevations of the proposed extension, and to change the type of glazed door from a bi-folding door to a sliding door - Snay Booth Wadsworth Lane Hebden Bridge Calderdale HX7 8TN

3) Decisions made by Calderdale MBC:                                                                    
                a)  17/00253/FUL- Construction of extension to houseplant-Near
                    Shawcroft farm,Akroyd Lane,Pecket Well,Hebden Bridge,HX7
                    8TE. PENDING.

                 b) 17/00683/LBC-Renovation and conversion of
                    farm building to create six dwellings. Old Town Farm,Old Town Mill
                    Lane,Old Town HX7 8SW. PENDING.
               d) 18/00045/FUL & 18/00046/LBC-Conversion of mill to create 21
                   dwellings with small business units & café.Demolition of sheds.
                   Construction of 4 new dwellings.Provision of car parking,gardens & land
                   scaped areas-Old Town Mill,Old Town Mill Lane,Old Town,Hebden
                   Bridge. PERMIT.

               e) 18/00576/OUT-Demolition of existing buildings to facilitate residential
                   development of 14 dwellings (Outline)-Crimsworth Dyeworks Midgehole
                   Road Hebden Bridge HX7 7AN. PENDING.

                 f) 15/01606/NMA-Non material amendment to application 15/01606/CON
                    Introduction of new/obscured windows to rear of building,alterations to the
                    form of the previous extension-Old Town Chapel,Walker Lane,Hebden
                    Bridge. PENDING.

                 g) 18/01429/HSE-Porch to East elevation & link extension from dwelling to
                     garage-Little Nook Stables Dike Lane Wadsworth HX7 8TS. PENDING.
              4) Other Items:
                                     a) Allswell Farm earth dwelling.  
                                        b) Automobilia.
               124          Road and Footpath Matters:
                        a) Moorlands View footpath diversion.
               125         Allotments and Garages:                                         
                                           a) Recovery of removal of garage costs.
                                           b) Pecket Well allotment wall.
c) Fly tipping.                                                                                                                                                                                  

               126        Playgrounds:
                                         a) Items for monthly checks.

               127         Data Protection - General Privacy Notice.

               128        Reports from Cllrs & outside meetings.   
               129        Date of next meeting & apologies in advance.    
                      Meetings are open to the public unless members agree to exclude the public
                                            for any items of confidential business.