community for all seasons

Wadsworth Environment Group was formed in 2004 as part of The Parish Plan. Our aim is to make Wadsworth a more attractive place to live in by carrying out environmental projects. 

Chairperson : Marcella Walsh
Secretary : Fiona Simpson
Treasurer : Kate Drury 

We are funded through local grants, occasional fund-raising events, and a small membership subscription of £2.50. The group is run by a Management Committee who meet regularly throughout the year to plan activities in Wadsworth and associate members. These include bulb planting, litter-picking, and wildlife conservation projects. Most of the activities take place for a few hours at weekends and are supplemented by small social events two or three times a year.

The group has been managing the graveyard at Wainsgate Chapel since 2007 as part of Yorkshire Wildlife’s Living Churchyard Project. The group commissioned a wildlife survey which found that the graveyard was already home to 70 species of plant, 21 types of bird and 9 varieties of butterfly. It is now managed to encourage the growth of native flora and fauna whilst retaining its primary purpose as a burial ground. So far, we have tidied large areas, created a hay meadow, put up bird and bat boxes and built a compost facility for grass mowing and degradable waste.

If you would like to become a full member of the group, or you can simply spare a few hours in the course of a year to help with specific activities, you would be very welcome.