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Contact Details

Representatives at External Meetings

Agendas, Minutes and Financial Information

Parish Council Members

Jon Kimber, Tel: 844914, 07876791244 jonckimber@gmail.com

Stuart Bradshaw wparish@hotmail.com

Cherie Rivero, Tel: 01422 843094  cherierivero@hotmail.com

Alan Fowler, Tel: 842828  alanfowler1944@btinternet.com

Marcella Walsh, marcellawalsh81@gmail.com

Andrew Dyson, Tel: 07595 944812 andysdyson@gmail.com

Michael Heyworth, Tel: 07802 549376 heyworth@tiscali.co.uk

Or members of the public may contact the Parish Council via the Clerk:

The Clerk – Naomi Goddard
Hebden Bridge Town Hall
St George’s Street
Hebden Bridge

Appointment of Representatives on the following bodies 2023

South Pennine Branch of YLCA Cllr Cherie Rivero

Heptonstall Exhibition and Richard Naylor Charities
Cllr Alan Fowler

Wadsworth Community Association
Cllr Marcella Walsh

Ward Forum
Cllr Cherie Rivero

Town and Parish Liaison Group
Cllr Fowler

Hebden Bridge Old People’s Welfare Group
Cllr Fowler

Neighbourhood Plan Group
Cllr Kimber

Calderdale Council – Safer Cleaner Greener
Cllr Kimber